Friday, January 13, 2017

Pete´s Mancave News 1/2017

Hey guys,
wellcome back to the mancave! The Christmas season is over, have met many friends, drunk too much beer and spent a nice time with great people. I hope you are doing well and you can report similar. This year we continued our work and will bring it to a successful ending. Tino made great progress with his Akagi and I gave my P-51B a name: "Salem Representative".
André shows us his perfectly built Arado in 1/72 and I took a closer look into Tamiyas F-117A Nighthawk. While searching for some P-51 pictures I found a very interessting site I want to share with you.

Fujimis IJN Akagi with some lights.....

Accurate Miniatures P-51B "Salem Representative" 1/48

Arado AR-80 1/72 Huma

Tamiya F-117A "Nighthawk" 1/48

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Pete´s Mancave News 35/2016

Hello everyone,
these are the last Mancave News for 2016. In review we had a very good first year, over 30.000 hits, a lot of likes and the Mancave community is crowing steady. Thank you for your support!

Roman is entering the jet age with his superb Kinetic F-16 in 1/48. Last update we were talking about the Revell Me-410. Roman reviewed the Meng Messerschmitt Me-410 so it is very easily to compare both kits. Tino is our Navy Pvt. and he show us the "English Men o´War".

Kinetic F-16D Block 52 RSAF 1/48

Meng Messerschmitt Me-410 B-2 1/48

Revell English Man o´War 1/96

Happy Modelling!


Friday, December 9, 2016

Pete´s mancave news 34/2016

Hey there,

the time before christmas is always a special and very busy time. I really like it, but I couldn´t spend as much time as I would like to spend at my projects. I only made small, but important steps ahead with the "Mustangs". Roman is a very skilled modeler and not focused on one theme. He made a small diorama, a Panzer III in Russia. I found an old kit in my stash I want to show you. Monogram released it in 1998 and it is still a fantastic kit.

Accurate Miniatures P-51B "Mustang" Part II
Hasegawa P-51D "Mustang" Part IV
Revell Panzer III Russia 1942 1/72
Revell Messerschmitt M-410 B-2 1/48

Happy modelling!