Sunday, April 23, 2017

Pete´s mancave news 4/2017!

Welcome back to Pete´s man cave!

It´s been a while since the last post. At this moment it´s not easy to find some time, writing some words. I believe it´s going to be better and I will update the Blog more often.
André made a lot of  pictures in Zeiskam and here is the second part. André also attended the "Duke of Bavaria" show. Pretty different for us, but very interesting. This is a show I would recommend to visit if you are interested in panting figures or vignettes.
I also found the time doing a new project. 

1. On Tour!

Zeiskam Part II

2. On Tour!

Happy Modelling!


Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Pete´s mancave news 3/2017

Hi guys,

this is just a breaking news. We visited the Zeiskam Modellshow and will show some pictures.
Zeiskam is a tiny village in the near of Mannheim. The local Modellclub is organizing a show.
Some good traders also attended and you can spend a lot of money.
Enjoy the first picture report, ships and Figures!

Zeiskam 2017 *Ships and figures*

Happy Modelling!


Saturday, February 18, 2017

Pete´s Mancave news 2/2017

Hi all,

welcome to the second man cave news in 2017. I will show the current stage of my two Mustangs I´m currently working on. Roman and Tino finished two builds and I´m very pleased to show you their fantastic work here. Enjoy !

Hasegwawa P-51D "Nancy Lee" Part IV

Accurate Miniatures P-51B "Salem Representative" Part IV

Hasegawa General Electric F-16a Fighting Falcon 1/48

Fujimis Eggship IJN  Akagi

Happy modelling!