Filling, without sanding........

Filling gaps on high detailed surfaces is always tricky.  If you have to sand the part, mostly all details disappear. André told me about filling the gap with Gunze Mr. Surfacer. I was really impressed about the result. Have look:

The tools I use are simple: a tooth pick and a cotton budd. Mr. Surfacer 500 for filling and Mr. Color Thinner to remove excess filler.

The tooth pick is the best and cheapest way to tool to apply the filler. Don´t worry about applying to much.

I dipped the Q-Tipp into Mr. Surfacer 500 and removed easily the not needed filler.

No details are lost and no sanding is required.

This method is very fast and you will be surprised about how easy you will get an great result.

Happy modelling

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