Saturday, January 23, 2016

A 109 in 1/48, New pictures from Manching 2015, and a link to Watson´s Whizzers

We proudly present our new update. +Roman Ossiander  shows his "109",  nearly 100 new pictures from Manching 2015 and a link to the 456th Fighter Interceptor squadron/Operation "LUSTY" and we show one of Watson´s "Wizzers" from Hobby Boss.

1. Gallery

2. Real Aviation

Added nearly 100 new and spectacular Pictures from last years Tag der Bundeswehr (German Army Day). Pictures are owned by Hans Mayer Thank´s Hans!

3. The best in web:

4. New Kits in the cave:

Hobby Boss 80373 Me-262 A1a/U4 is great kit. Have a look!

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