Friday, March 18, 2016

Pete´s Mancave News 10/2016

Time for man cave news. Roman Ossiander continues the Kanonenvogel. We have new work from André Schulz in our Galelry. The P-51 Eggs are a look worth! The MIG-29 was a big surprise in the cold war for the NATO and it´s allies. Germany was the first NATO-Member who had the opportunity to fly the MIG as a NATO-Member. The Great Wall Hobby (Lion Roar) Kit is in our review area. For me, one of the best kits I have ever seen. Check it out. Have you known that German MIG-29 flew in the US? Follow our link to the fabulous Fulcrums.

1. Work in Progress
Roman Ossianders Ju-87 Kanonenvogel Part II

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3. New Kits in the cave

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