Sunday, July 3, 2016

Pete´s mancave news 25/2016

It´s weekend, it´s mancave time! That´s just simple, simply true, right?
Roman was thinking about how to present his fantastic Ju-87 G2,will be very interesting!
Tino presents his T-60 Light Russian tank. Well, he loves the hard way...
We had the chance to visit the "Flying Messerschmitt" Museum in Manching and made some
unusual pictures. If you want to learn more about the museum, follow the link and discover great pictures, fantastic videos and some great informations about it. Have Fun!

1. Work in Progress
Italeri Junkers Ju-87 G2 Part VII

  2. Mancave Gallery
ADV/Azimut T-60/41 Russian light tank

3. On Tour
Messerschmitt Heritage

4. The best in the web
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