Monday, July 11, 2016

Pete´s mancave news 26/2016

Welcome back in the mancave. We had a busy weekend, so I´m a little bit late. But we celebrated my goods friends Markus and Heike marriage. We would like to wish you in this way again happy and a great time together!

The summer is coming and like the most other fellow modelers we will not do so much like in the winter time. We will have a summer break for August and September with only two updates in that time. This means you will be able to read the mancave news in the mid of August and September. In October we will restart our weekly update. For July we will have our weekly update.

I managed to do some details on my Typhoon. We had so much great feedback for our homemade tools and so we decided to give them a own "How to..." site. We will update this site from time to time. Zvezda did a fabulous Messerschmitt Bf-109, so is the Yak-3 also such a great kit? Have a look!
The Sherman-Tank, a book with 1000 pages, take a look at the Sherman Register.

1. Work in progress

2. How to....

3. New Kits in the cave

4. The best in the web

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