Monday, July 18, 2016

Pete´s mancave news 27/2016

Hello Ladys and Gentleman. Weekend is mancave time! We will have a trip back in my  modeling time. I saw Dragon releasing the Su-76i in 1/35. I remember I have build this vehicle about ten years ago and thought you guys will like to see it. In this mancave news we will talk about the original Su-76i and the build of this rare tank hunter.
One of my favorite aircraft is the T-38 Talon and of course I have bought the Trumpeter Kit in 1/48. So have look. Darren McGuiness is the writer of the Scale Model Hangar and this is one of my favorite Blogs. Check it out!

1. Work in Progress
The Russian way of Beutepanzer - The Su-76i The original

The Russian way of Beutepanzer Su-76i - The construction

2. New Kits in the cave
Trumpeter T-38A Talon 1/48

3. The best in the web

The Scale Model Hangar

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