Thursday, November 3, 2016

Pete´s Mancave News 32/2016

Hi guys,
it´s time for mancave news. I´m still working on my P-51D. While looking thru my stash I couldn´t resist to start another project. A very uncommon situation for, to builds at the same time....
Tino pushed his Egg ship into a very unique piece of work, a must to see! The Eduard 109-Series become another bit and it is once again a real stunner. If you want to see masterclass build models, you have to visit the "Scale Model Challenge" in Eindhoven. Have look what Maik reports. Have a great time in the mancave!

Hasegeawa P-51D "Mustang" Part II

Accurate Miniatures P-51B "Mustang"

Fujimis Eggship "IJN Akagi" with some lights......

Eduard Bf-109 G6 early version

Scale Model Challenge 2016

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