Monday, October 23, 2017

Pete´s mancave news 7/2017

Hi guys,

It never happens what you expect..... Roman left the man cave crew. I want to thank him for the great times and the numerous beers we had in the cave. Roman, you are always welcome to join the crew again.

Old Love never rust

I watched some lovely old cars in a really great condition. It´s quiet amassing how much time and heart some people put in their old cars. Have  fun with the pics, smell the gasoline and feel the grease!

KLICK *Alte Liebe rostet nicht*

Stalingrad 1942

Stalingrad! The Name is well known and stands for a massive battle in history! The break even for the Nazi regime and one of the hardest battles ever fought. Russian, German, Italian , Romanian and so much other people killed each other for something no one needs.... Today we all are tied together in our common history, together we should remember and honor the fallen. Years ago I had a colleague from Wolgograd, the name Stalingrad is told today. She helped me to find my grandfathers grave. Thank you Galina!

Stefan made a diorama showing Russian forces in the beginning  of this brutal battle.

KLICK *Stalingrad 1942*

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