Thursday, March 22, 2018

Pete´s mancave news 3/2018

Hello fellow clue sniffer,

time for some news, out of the deep cave. I had some spare time and was checking the latest modelling related news. Of course I visited my favorite modelling pages. You will find a lot construction reports using tons of after marked parts like PE, turned brass pipes and of course the latest detail sets.
Wondering if we really need this?  I will proof myself and build the next kit out the box, only using left over things to give it more detail.  Looking thru the "New kits in the cave" -site, I decided to start Trumpeter MIG-3.

Trumpeter MIG-3 late version 1/48

Comments and also critics are always appreciated, would love to hear your opinion about using home made details..

Happy Modelling

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