Trumpeter MIG-3 Late Version Part IV

The model was painted with Revell Aqua Color. They are easily available and will give a very good result.

Main colors

  1. Green # 371 was used for the base color. Lightened in several stages with yellow. The lighter green was not applied cover.
  2. The black nose was painted with NATO black. Dark gray was used for the lighter areas. Pure black was used only to emphasize the panel lines.
  3. The underside was painted with Revell's lichtgrün. Shaded with white and black.

Making it look "used"

  1. I wanted the green area more interesting: Added another layer of lighter green. MIG Worn effect was used to achieve this result. 
  2. At the wing roots, I added silver chips.

The Decals

  1. Decals applied.
  2. Needed the help of Gunze Setter and Softer. Worked quite well.

More scratches...

  1. More chips applied with a very small brush
  2. Added a brown washing to the wings
  3. A sponge was used to do the small chips  

The wheel bays

  1. Revell's silver was used to brush the wheel wells.
  2. Also added a brown wash to the surface.

exhaust stains

  1. Although the original aircraft made a pretty clean impression, I did not want to miss exhaust stains
  2. Brown and black are the base color
  3. Light gray was used for the area where the exhaust fumes are the hottest

Small parts

  1. The exhaust pipes ready for installation.
  2. A washing with sand makes the tires look used.
  3. The chassis makes a very good impression.
  4. On the landing gear flaps, the same painting was applied as on the remaining underside.

Happy Modelling

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